20 Types Of Relationships Every Woman Should Have At Least Once

When you first begin dating, whether at the age of 16 or 26, in the time of your relationship you will meet a variety of people and form numerous relationships. Each will be unique in its own unique way each one will have an impact on you and each will teach you something. When the dust settles when you finally meet “The The One” it will be possible to reflect back and be grateful that you’ve had these experiences. To have those kinds of experiences, you’ll need to experience these types of relationships at least once.

1. The Heartbreaker


In the words of Oscar Wilde, “The heart was created to break.” If this is the case you could as well be broken by very intense flame.

2. The Summer Fling

Summer Fling

Although this is less likely to occur in college or high school however, it must occur. If you’ve somehow have missed this you don’t have to worry about it!

3. The Romantic

The Romantic

He presents you with flowers, unlocks the door to his car to you, and your pals gush over the stories of how romantic gestures he makes. The problem is that love doesn’t last forever, and the very first time he doesn’t even open your car’s door it’s time to go.

4. The One Who Got Away

One Who Got Away

Like all rom-coms that don’t end with the “com” note and we all have “the one who escaped.” In order to help us to appreciate the things we have and to be present in the moment.

5. The Buddy

The Buddy

While you’re sleeping with each other, you seem to be more comfortable as friends. If you can say goodbye to this relationship it’s likely that you’ll stay friends for life.

6. The Artist

The Artist

He’s emotional, romantic He writes music about you. draws you as a French women and is so in love with you to the point that it’s burning out in the same instant it starts. It’s the way it goes with artists.

7. The WTF Are We Doing Guy


Are we dating? Do we have friends? Are we fuck buddies? Do we really love each other? So. Many. Questions.

8. The Playboy


Sure, he’s a fan of you and paying you his full attention, but it’s only when he’s in your company. The playboy, despite being one of the breeds that ought to be eliminated but is still an essential part of life. If there’s not a lesson in the playboy or there’s no lessons whatsoever.

9. The Weekend Warrior Guy

Weekend Warrior

From Friday through Sunday evening, it’s sexual Fun and amusement. From Monday through Thursday, you’re not even allowed to send a text.

10. The One-Semester While You’re Abroad Guy

Abroad Guy

Everybody wants to have that one-year-long romance with a gorgeous foreigner from one of the countries which takes at minimum seven hours to travel to.

11. The Marriage Guy

Marriage Guy

Contrary to many of the people you’ll be dating this one really wants to be a married man and marry. It’s almost terrifying… What is he hiding or trying show? Whatever the case, you test the man on to see if you like him before moving onto someone else who isn’t so marriage-obsessed.

12. The Guy Your Mom Wants You To Date

You To Date

It’s everything mom imagined for you. In other words, he’s exactly the opposite of what you’d like however, you decide to decide to give it a shot for a few months, since why not?

13. The Younger Guy

Younger Guy

He’s not able to pay for dinner at home, unless it’s an artisanal taco truck and you forget about your weekend away. He’s also amusing and funny and has a better kiss than many men you’ve met and so you decide to take him on and attempt to keep it going for as long as you are able to take taco truck tacos couple of nights per week.

14. The Bad Boy

Bad Boy

It’s a bit cliché, but an absolute must. If he’s not good because of the misspelled tattoos on his body or and his “fuck this world” behavior, or simply because that he’s lead singer in a band that’s heading nowhere, there’s a connection that must be maintained. But it should also be brief.

15. The Rich Guy

Rich Guy

For who doesn’t wish to feel like princesses? However, unless you’re wealthy, being a wealthy man isn’t easy. The rich know they can have everyone they want, which is why they’re just as likely to go through women as we go through our underwear.

16. The Cool Guy

Cool Guy

Every aspect of him seems awesome and simply being with his presence makes one feel good. However, when you realize that you’re just faking style to be able to compete with his then you quit. Nobody can be a fool for long.

17. The Office Romance

Office Romance

Hot, secretive and completely wrong, there’s nothing that says delicious as sneaking away to the storeroom in the middle of the morning to grab a quick snack.

18. The Older Guy

Older Guy

It’s his sophisticated style that draws you in, but it’s the inability to grasp the pop-culture references keeps you leaving before long.

19. The FWB


The two of you started out as friends at first, but one night you was Fun. There’s no turning back. The only way that this concludes is by letting go of the sexual pleasures as well as the person who was with him. Another book lesson, absolutely.

20. The One

The One

It only happens one time and when the timing is correct, they’ll come after you’ve had 19 relationships mentioned above.

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