People Who Turned Scars and Birthmarks Into Works of Art

Scars and Birthmarks Into Works of Art

Many people choose to get tattoos simply due to their aesthetics, however it’s not the same for everyone. There are those who have unsettling scars that negatively impact their lives. Sometimes, the simple seeing a scar from a trauma can force people to revisit painful memories. The good news is that a group of talented tattoo artists came forward to aid those who were in need by making stunning tattoos from unwanted scars to help people feel self-confident again. The transformation is incredible you may cry in tears, and it’s something that you need to experience in order to fully comprehend.

There are numerous useful videos and writings on how you can fight your own inner demons and defeat them. However, this man isn’t afraid to let the demons out. With a touch of stunning artwork this tattoo was created stunningly.

Inner Demons Out


In the end, what is the purpose behind this tattoo? It’s certainly an emotional tale and one that this individual is not afraid to confront.

This cute little tattoo appears like a welding bead after welding, and we enjoy the design.

Scar Like A Boss

The way the tattoo artist included the light source for the arc welding makes the tattoo stand out other tattoos.

This is a great illustration of how you can use your scars to show some fun. We’re sure it took a lot of pain to create this mark, and not forgetting the tattoo.


We have a lot of admiration of the tattooist as the tattoo turned into graphic novel art.

We congratulate the tattoo artist who has designed a tattoo that made us forget that we were in reality looking at a scar.

Uphill Fight

It appears that this tattooist is huge enthusiast of the film classic, Forrest Gump which was released in 1994. In the film Forrest (played by Tom Hanks) runs for days following Jenny informs him that, “Run Forrest, run.”

The tattoo artist then created fake nails on the guy’s fingers in order to make them appear normal. You can therefore claim that this artist nailed it big time.

Nailed It

It’s such an amazing artwork that you need some time to understand what the artist achieved. We’re happy for him as they no longer have to worry about annoying inquiries about what was wrong with his fingers.

This is a stunning illustration of how a tattooist transformed a tummy tuck scar into a gorgeous ribbon of lace. It is possible that this tattoo helped the woman gain more confidence in the future of her life.

Caesarian Scar

This tattoo demonstrates that we must accept our bodies, regardless of the scars and, even if it looks unattractive to you right now it is possible that you will one day find yourself very grateful for the tattoos.

You can transform your life and to be the person you’d like to be able to tell it. You can make something truly stunning from whatever is part of your past.

Welcome Change

The person was afflicted with scars from self-harm. Look at the scars he made into something that is so stunning.

The tattoo is amazing and powerful. This woman underwent breast surgery and chose to have an incredible tattoo to match it.

Scar To Art

If you’re not a fan of tattoos This one is sure to make you reconsider your views. After medical art helped save her, her creative artistry restored her lost confidence.

This is an amazing tattoo. I hope that the doctors didn’t employ chainsaws during the surgical procedure to open the heart at any time.

Heart Surgery Tattoo

The man was able to enhance the severity of his chest scar as the chainsaw was not enough, he tattooed the year the scar was made.

This tattoo is a perfect match for the more fierce personality of the female.

Ferocious Inside

The possibility that she had the courage to obtain such tattoos is an inspiration for everyone. The best part is that the wound is hidden by the tattoo.

This tattooist transformed the entire back into a beautiful work of art. We like how the scars add (well placed) color to the white and black tattoo.


We have a lot of respect for the tattoo artist who uses the existing difference in pigmentation to create something incredibly cool.

Have you ever thought marks are just tattoos that you do not have to pay for? The patient didn’t want the scar, but he understood that he had to have the procedure.

Joint Welding Job

Then he paid for a tattoo that is worth every penny. We are impressed by the amount of work the artist did in the shading.

We’ve seen how tattoo artists use clever strategies to cover marks but this one isn’t. This tattoo shows you how you can make your scar look stylish by accepting the fact that it is there.


We are awestruck by the sense of humor this guy displays about his injuries. He was open about his injury and even offered advice for his doctor.

Here’s how to make the most of what you have. By using just drops of ink, you’ll be able to create a unique scar that looks and gorgeous.

Fishing for The Stars

It’s a lot like it’s the DreamWorks logo, doesn’t it? The tattoo artist is capable of seeing things from a different perspective.

It’s the equivalent of killing two birds by a stone. We’re sure that no one knew before that the person’s tattoo is akin to the shape of a carrot. The tattoo artist’s creativity was on point as the result is stunning. We hope that there aren’t any rabbits in the near future.

Tattoo Artist Noticed

It’s possible that you didn’t notice the tattoo, but throughout his existence, people will question the reason he got the tattoo of a carrot!

This tattoo makes the mole look much less scary. We’d like to think that this person has been able to have the mole examined in order to ensure that they are safe. It is recommended to seek the advice of a dermatologist before you ink any spots on your skin.

Supernova Tattoo

It was not thought that the mole appeared to be a supernova but we owe a big thank you to the artist who turned the mole into a beautiful work of art.



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