Celebrity Couples Who Are Rarely Seen Together

Rarely Seen Together

In Hollywood there are two types of couples in Hollywood. There are couples like Chrissy Teigen as well as John Legend, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, A-Rod and JLo — the kind who are happy to show their love for one another through social media platforms, on the red carpet and everywhere else they can.
And then, there’s the opposite. There are famous couples who don’t want to be photographed with each other even when they’re walking along the the same white carpet. They’re and the ones that manage to hold private marriages as well as baby secretly. Some couples are so secretive that there’s not much evidence of their relationship. Do you recall Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx? The couple kept us on our toes for many years! What do you feel about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes that, despite knowing that they’re in a relationship, don’t ever give us any glimpse of their 10- years of marriage?

Consider this: do you have a picture of Brooke Shields’ husband? Do you think of Julia Roberts’ other half for the last two years? Perhaps her father’s son? You wouldn’t have thought that way. It’s no easy achievement considering that these are massively famous A-listers .

We’ve collected the most secretive Hollywood romances. Take an interest, and you’ll find some of them are new to you.

1. Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes


Ryan and Eva maintain their relationship private from the eyes of the public. They’re married since 2011 , and having two children (Esmeralda Amada Gosling and Amada Lee Gosling) they haven’t even posed on red carpets as the couple. Cute paparazzi pictures such as this are the only ones we see.
Eva did speak out in recent times about Ryan and said that she was not interested in having children until she got to know Ryan. “Ryan Gosling was born,” she told Women’s Health, “Then it was logical it was logical for me to get… no children however, but his children. It was very particular for his family.”

Ryan has also spoken out about his family while receiving an award of a Golden Globe for Best Actor in an Motion Picture. He stated, “I’d like to try to acknowledge someone properly and say that as I was dancing and singing and playing the piano, and having one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had in an film, my mother was caring for our daughter, who was pregnant with our third, and trying to assist her brother in the battle against cancer. If she hadn’t put the time to do all of that to give me this experience, there would be someone else not like me today. Thank you, sweetheart. you for everything. My daughters Amada as well as Esmerelda, I am so grateful for you. If I could please, I’d like dedicate this tribute to the brother of her, Juan Carlos Mendes.” This is true love, people.

2. Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift

The face of Tay is that we have ingrained into our memory however, what’s the story with her boyfriend? In the majority of cases they have kept their romance behind the curtains for a long time. But Taylor’s albums include many songs that talk about their love story. She composed “Delicate,” “Call it “What You Like,” “New Year’s Day,”” “The Archer,”” “Lover,” and “Daylight” about him and that’s not even begin to mention her most recent music collection, a folklore album. In essence, he’s been the inspiration for a number the most memorable songs of the past (thank for that, Joe! ).
You’ll have to learn about their relationship through her lyrics but she doesn’t speak about the subject in other places. in the course of an interview with The Guardian, she explained why she doesn’t want to discuss it “I’ve discovered that if I say something, people will think that it’s a topic for discussion and our relationship isn’t to discussion… If we were drinking a glass wine at the moment we’d probably be discussing the topic, but the problem is that it’s out in the world. The boundary is there and that’s the place the point at which my personal life is now more manageable. I’d like to maintain a sense of control.”

See? It’s pretty and slack-lipped. We think that’s due to all the tabloids on her prior relationships. However, if you’d like find out more, we’ve collated all we know about their uneasy relationship.

3. Margot Robbie And Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie

The world was shocked when Margot and Tom were married in the year 2016. However, they didn’t walk down the red carpet until 2017 – at that point, the couple didn’t take part in any photos together.
who are Tom Ackerley? He’s not an actor, however, he works in the film industry, just like Margot. He’s behind-the-scenes, but he’s an assistant director and producer of big motion films. They first met when they became famous and it was she who was the one to make the decision to move. The story was told for Vogue, “I was the most single woman. The thought of relationships caused me to go to the bathroom. Then, it snuck up onto me. We had been friends for a long time. It was an endless love affair, but I was thinking that he’d never ever love me again. Don’t be strange, Margot. Don’t be silly and tell him you love him. It came to pass and I thought “Of course we’re friends. It makes sense in the way that nothing else could have ever been understood before.”

It’s a match-up! I hope these two become less shy around cameras due to their beautiful pair, aren’t they? They’re also identical in age which is not a common occurrence in Hollywood.

4. Jennifer Lawrence And Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence

Do you see that man in a mask with Jennifer Lawrence’s hands? The man who washed Jennifer Lawrence off her feet. He then married her in a wedding that we haven’t seen a single glimpse of. This is the sole photo we have of the couple together.
If you’ve not been introduced to JLaw, let us to share something about JLaw’s most secret love interest. He’s an extremely accomplished artistic director working located in New York and is believed to have a net worth of $25 million. It’s not like he’s able to beat the wealth or the fame from his SO. The actress was interviewed about him and her relationship with him on Naked podcast. Catt Sadler podcast, “I definitely wasn’t in a position in which I thought “I’m getting married.’ I’ve just had a meeting with Cooke and I was looking to get married. We had a desire to marry one another. We wanted to make a commitment fully.” She went on to explain, “He’s my best friend therefore I’d like legally tie him to me for the rest of my life. There is paperwork to do this. It’s one of the most satisfying. You find the person you love on earth and you’re like, “You must not go away. That’s why I decided to accept that invitation.”

He’s an extremely lucky person isn’t him?

5. Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz

Cameron as well as Good Charlotte band member, Benji Madden, create an unlikely, but lovely couple. They got married in 2015 but haven’t been photographed together.
The actress was elated about her husband in an interview with IN Style, “I’m a 47-year-old woman that’s like “Hell, yes I’m a keeper!’ I’m okay with it. I’m grateful for every second I get. I’m just trying to make more lasting, better friendships with people who share a common interest with me. Of course, this also includes my husband. The day I got engaged to my husband was most wonderful thing that has ever occurred to me. My husband is the most wonderful. He’s the most wonderful human being, and my best friend. It’s not easy to be married and requires quite a bit of work. You’ll need someone who’s willing to take on the task alongside you, since there’s no 60-40 the marriage. It’s 50-50, period. Every day. I’m not sure if I was prepared [when I got married however I was aware that Benji was very special. Benji is a gentleman. There’s nothing that’s a sham. It’s refreshing. I’m truly grateful to him.”

The couple’s private life stunned us with their announcement. they made the announcement in January of the year 2020 they were expecting the birth of a girl named Radix Madden to the world.

6. Julia Roberts And Daniel Moder

Julia Roberts

Perhaps it was Julia’s well famous relationship that she had with Kiefer Sutherland Lyle Lovett, and Benjamin Bratt that convinced her to keep her marriage kept secret. Daniel Moder, the cinematographer who is the couple’s husband from 2002, and they have three children (including twins! ) However, there is not a photo to be found.
How did they meet the other? Behind the scenes in the production in the film Mexican. Even though the anniversary posts do not feature his mug, Julia isn’t afraid to share with the world how she is feeling about the man she’s always wanted to marry. She shared her feelings during Goop’s Goop Podcast, “Getting married to Danny. This was the first time that I ever had a life that to never be like it was before in an amazing, unimaginable method… The man remains, in the present to this day is the only person I consider my best friend. I’m more attracted to his words or what he has to say in general than any other person. We’re truly blessed in that regard. We really, truly enjoy each other’s company and are a pleasure to be around… It gets more intimate as it gets more complicated.”

She also once said to people, “I mean each day when my husband walks through the door, it’s like one of those dreams that I’m like, “Oh I’m back””

7. Adele And Simon Konecki

Adele And Simon

Adele along with her spouse, Simon, were another very private couple. Their son was called Angelo and Simon in the year 2012, and then secretly engaged in the year 2017. The couple was seen on a a rare occasions before ending their relationship in the year 2019.
Simon has been 15 years older than her. the rep for her said, “Adele and her partner have parted ways. They’re committed towards raising their children with love. As always , they request silence. There is no further information.” There is a rumor that the couple became a couple while Adele’s fame increased dramatically. The singer is extremely proud of her son evidently, and is believed to be keeping her eyes on her son.

A source informed people, “Adele’s son is the most important thing to her. All of her life revolves around her son. I don’t think she’s going to let her divorce going through the motions because she’s so meticulous with regards to her son. Her mind is never a step behind regards to the impact a decision could have on the son.” It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who knows that Adele is a great mother.

It’s unfortunate that the two parted ways, but we’re looking forward Adele returning to love and creating epic ballads about it.

8. Emily Ratajkowski And Sebastian Bear-McClard

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily shocked her Instagram fans with a short wedding at a courthouse in the year the year 2018. Many didn’t even know she was with producer Sebastian Bear-McClard. We definitely did not! However, that shouldn’t be shock considering that the two were in a relationship for a couple of weeks before they went to the altar. They were acquaintances for many years prior to.
“We were friends for quite a while before and he jokes about “Everyone thinks we were married in a hurry and you were able to check me for two years and then we got married,'” she told Busy Phillips. Then she explained her wedding at the courthouse in this manner, “Weddings are amazing I would love to have a party, I would like to celebrate relationships and love but this wedding was only for us, and it was extremely pleasant.”

What a lovely perspective on weddings Isn’t it? Also, that she was incredibly fashionable for her wedding. She was wearing a mustard dress by Zara and the black hat with a wide-brim with veil. She was hoping this will help conceal their vows from the paparazzi. she wrote, “It all felt like a heist film because all my girls were dressed in suits as well, and I was not wearing white so I would keep giving the bouquet to them, such as “Decoy Decoy””

9. Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig

It’s remarkable that two actors of the highest caliber such as Daniel as well as Rachel were capable of getting married beneath the of the spotlight. They were married in the year 2011 and welcomed an infant girl in the year the year 2018 at a time when Rachel was 47 as well as Daniel 50. Both have children from their previous relationships, in addition.
The actress said to More Magazine why the pair are an extremely private couple, “He’s just too famous. This would be a betrayal. You must protect your marriage. When you’re young you share everything with your friends. One of the best benefits of not being an adolescent that you don’t need to tell everyone all of your secrets. Once you’re married, the door is shut. The crowd goes away but you’re still in your own world.”

She also explained to The Good Morning America how they have a good relationship “We discuss films we love, or play. We enjoy going to theaters and talk about things we’ve watched. We’re respectful of one another. We are grateful for each other’s contributions.”

While they’re not particularly public about their love, Rachel did profess her love for her marriage by saying “I am so happy to be the Mrs. Craig, I’m Mrs. Craig on my checkbooks as well as passports and all sorts of other things.” It’s good since we can’t be enough of them!

10. Javier Bardem And Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

What’s so beautiful about this couple How glamorous is this duo? But the majority of people do not know that these talented actors are married since the year 2010, and have two children with each other.
“It was a great decision for usto not to discuss relationships,” she told Tattler in an interview “It could be very weird to conduct it in with a different approach. I simply couldn’t do it.”

Javier also spoke with Vulture about their ongoing relationship “Life changes. We’ve become more mature. We’ve become to the point of being. The world is different once you’re family. It’s the most important thing that it is. And we’re not the only ones to do that. We do our best we can, however, we realize that how hard we are able to work is contingent on the needs of each other. It is important not to get misled with the world of fiction. Fiction is fiction, but reality can be a separate thing. If you’re younger, because we’ve worked with each other many times throughout the years, we even met in the year I turned 21 and she was just 16 It’s easy to misinterpret one with one or the other, or mix them up. Today, I’m going turn 50 in just a few weeks and I’m not able to make this mistake any more. It’s the same for her. You should always be aware that you’re working at a level of re-creation that isn’t reality. Penelope as well as me, I must safeguard us.'”

11. Sacha Baron Cohen And Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

You wouldn’t believe it the beautiful and funny couple have been married since 2010 , and they have been married for almost two decades. Actually, they have three children together! Olive, Elula, and Montgomery.
The actress views the two opposites of each other with the same comedy, telling Marie Claire she was lucky to win the lottery after meeting Sacha at a dinner party in 2002. It’s certainly not easy to be a part of the Hollywood scene with a family, “Juggling a family in LA isn’t an easy task, as there’s no real way to take your kids out to parties for dinner or restaurants after 6pm. I usually play at home since I’d rather be with my family. It’s easy to put the children to bed and then have an evening drink with your friends.”

The couple got married in a small ceremony that only had six guests. The sweet semi-elopement was described as sweet. Sacha shared, “It [was] extremely important for my family to be able to enjoy a wonderful ceremony that was celebrated with my loved ones and family. When you’re in the spotlight, to remain private and achieve it without being seen by the public is difficult.” We’re glad they were able to pull it off however we’d love to see photos of their wedding day.

12. Amanda Seyfried And Thomas Sadoski

Amanda Seyfried

Not one for big show, you might not have heard that Amanda Thomas. The couple Thomas got married just a few weeks prior to the birth of their first child in 2017.
Amanda stated her friend Porter her that she doesn’t really need a grand wedding or traditional dress because she wears it on the screen and on camera every day. The most important thing to her was the fact that the ring she was wearing at the time she was pregnant with their baby because of both practical and romantic reasons (in the event of something happening during the delivery).

The two were able to meet in the theater, when they were in a relationship However, Amanda affirms that Thomas was completely loving to his wife and never flirting or engaging in anything that was unfaithful. They then met again when they were each separated. The actress was happy from this “It was awesome. It was healthy, liberating and healthy and clean. We can share the experience without guilt.”

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