Everyone makes mistakes once at a time it’s perfectly normal. The issue is that certain people make worse mistakes than other people, and even more troubling is that they appear to have no problem with their own mistakes, going through their happy life, a little sloppy and others are faced with the consequences that are their responsibility. This is a collection images that have made us think “how do they think they’re doing a great job? !”

good job

Turning frying pans into crying pans

This is a clever method to organize your cooking pans, but why why would someone draw the contours of their pans on this board if they weren’t intending to keep them in the right place?

crying pans

If we were to see this in the kitchen of someone else, we would not be able control ourselves. We’d immediately begin rearranging the pans, and would not stop until all of them were seated on their assigned space. That’s the reason why no one would invite us over to their home any more.

Not the sharpest pencil

Utilizing a freshly sharpened pencil is among the things in life that provide you with an unimaginable happiness. It’s like pouring your spoon in a pot of yogurt you have just opened, or letting the pencil of the lipstick you bought just meet your lips first time.


We take a look at this image and instead of having the excitement of using these pencils, what we see is a feeling of discontent.

Isn’t it ironic?

Isn’t that ironic (hi, Alanis Morissette) that the phrase “a slice of cake” is “something which is simple to achieve,” but apparently, for some, correctly cutting the cake isn’t “a slice of cake”?

Isn’t it ironic

It isn’t always easy to cut a round cake however, the person who made this tasty treat was thoughtful enough to sprinkle sugar over it and mark exactly the spot where it should be cut!

Windows update has failed

Renovating an old house isn’t easy; we know that. You’d like to preserve its charm and retain its original characteristics that make it unique as well as improve its the comfort and functionality.

Windows update

The key is understanding how to strike a balance between appearance and function. If you’re looking to understand how to blend traditional and modern components check out this house, since it’s the perfect example of what to avoid.

‘No one’s gonna notice anyway’

Sometimes, an individual will perform their job but it doesn’t turn out exactly as it would. Instead of repeating the mistake or resolving their mistake the person will shrug their shoulders and tell themselves “no nobody will be noticing regardless,” and then let it go by.

No one’s gonna notice

It could be a sketch pencils used by artists. Artists are famously recognized for their keen attention to the smallest details. That’s why the person who purchased these pencils noticed the issue.

An embarrassing situation waiting to happen

It’s true that the majority of the mistakes that are listed here are innocent, even if they are a bit annoying. They’re not likely to cause any real harm to anyone, except if you think that “hurting the souls of perfectionists” to be “actual damage.”

embarrassing situation

However, this is a pity just waiting to happen. According to the signs that hang that the restrooms are only for women and men however, according to the indications on each door that they are only meant for both genders. Best of luck to anyone who needs to use them!

The stuff of nightmares

We all know that working in retail can be one of the most tiring jobs out in the world, and everybody must experience it at least once in their lifetime so they can appreciate those who strive to give us a courteous and professional service.

stuff of nightmares

How did the person in charge of dressing this mannequin, and not be aware of that they had a mistake? By turning each part of the mannequin into an opposite direction, they’ve creating the most terrifying retail experience that our eyes have ever had the pleasure of being able to experience.

Does someone have a ruler?

We’ve never studied architecture or something similar to that However, if you’ve got a number of lines that connect at the same point should they not… connect at the same spot? We’re certainly not experts on this.

have a ruler

We find it fascinating however, is the fact that this is an obvious part in the house. It’s all there for the world to look at, and the people responsible for it did not care about making it appear flawless. It makes you think about what else is wrong and unmatched in this house.

So close yet so far

We salute all the hardworking delivery personnel who are dedicated to ensuring that our packages arrive in a timely and safe manner. For example, the person that delivered this parcel is an example, deserves our gratitude.

So close yet so far

They thought of it to climb the steps and put the box at the front door of the man’s home. But they didn’t know the box was on the right. By. The. Entrance. Now it’s difficult to unlock the door without making that parcel drop down staircase. It’s so close, yet still.

Married to a raccoon

Once you’re married and relationship will teach you certain things about your spouse that you had no idea about, even though you were together for a few years prior to getting married.

Married to a raccoon

For instance, this man began to notice the mess that his wife makes when she opens the jars she keeps of peanut butter. She also opened her boxes of Doritos, as well as other sweets boxes all the time It was when he realized his wife was a raccoon.

‘I can’t wait to see the view – oh no’

It appears that this young man was excited to hop on plane for the very first time, and to see the world from the air. The parents wanted to make sure that he got the most enjoyment out of the first flight, so when they went to check-in, they requested an open window.

see the view

They did have an open window The only issue is that there was not a window. However, take a take a look at that leg room. We’re sure they had no difficulties finding people willing exchange spaces with them.

This is technically correct

The person who uploaded the picture online stated that they “asked the woman to slice the sandwich in three pieces.” We are wondering what the woman creating the sandwiches was an awful day and was just trying to cause people pain.

technically correct

In all likelihood, it looks odd, but technically it’s correct So, how can you be a bit upset? The woman was instructed to divide the sandwich into three pieces, and that’s exactly the way she cut it. Nobody told her that they required the sandwiches to be of the identical size.

Why, puppies, why?!

This is an example of human error. However, this is not a human error, and is not an error by itself. What is it that bothers us so often? Why, puppies, why? !

Why, puppies, why

The dogs aren’t bothered more about the fact that their line-up yellow and black coats was damaged at the end of the day They just want to eat food with peace. We’ll allow them to do so. If we can resist the desire that’s consuming us to switch these two dogs to the left.

Is Pepsi ok?

For those who love Coca-Cola it’s hard to find anything worse than visiting an eatery and ordering a Coke and being told “we do not have Coca-Cola and is Pepsi acceptable?” Some of them might be snarky, and respond in a rude manner, such as “I do not know what to do, is Monopoly money okay?”

Is Pepsi ok

We’re hoping they weren’t the one who bought this set comprising five Coke and one Pepsi. If they don’t, they’ll eventually have to speak the words they hate in their own homes. “Mom is it okay to take more Coke? “We aren’t drinking Coke dear, but is Pepsi okay?”

How? Just how?

We’ve all seen plenty of tile-related errors however this one caused us to ask “How? How exactly?” First of all It’s not like the floor pattern is incredibly complex, which could be confusing to those who were working on the project.

How Just how

Also, it’s not as if the tiles are tiny and could have explained the error. They are very basic tiles and come in simple colors. They were meant to be arranged in very basic forms.

Don’t forget to dry your hands

It’s so overwhelming with all the negative issues in this photo that we don’t think of where to begin. Three sinks however, five dispensers of paper towels? It’s not exactly green. The amount of paper you have accessible will make people feel as if they could use it up.

dry your hands

Then, why are they set in that way? The four first ones appear to be in a symbiosis of height however, what’s happening with the one on the right? Thirdly, why were they placed behind the sink? Isn’t the bathroom in question not equipped with mirrors?

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