Iconic Celebrity Maternity Styles We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Celebrities have allowed people in on their private life, with a number of them revealing about their most harrowing moments, for example, their pregnancy blunders. There have been many stunningly iconic photoshoots of maternity photos over time, from revealing baby bumps to the front cover of Vanity Fair to making headlines with their extravagant photo shoots. They have proven that even though pregnancy can be difficult however, it can also be stunning, and we cannot think of truly memorable moments. Keep reading to discover the most iconic and beautiful motherhood looks from the past that we love to this day.

1. Princess Diana

The Princess Diana is always a style icon no matter if she was at the state dinner or through the gym. As she became pregnant, she had Harry and William She was seen wearing a variety of flowing dresses with pastel hues which made them the most popular option for women expecting.

Princess Diana

Diana was able to blend informal and formal events, as it was likely more suitable for her growing bumb. She also set the stage for the other royals of the future, including Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

When she was pregnant with her second child, Kourtney Kardashian posed nude for DuJour magazine. Kourtney declared that her nakedness is not something to feel ashamed of, and she is the most beautiful when she’s naked and expecting.

Kourtney Kardashian

Through all of her three pregnancy, Kourtney was embracing her own natural beauty and was awed by her growing body. She wore lots of items to showcase her baby bump as she was so proud of her body’s ability to create an entirely new body.

Britney Spears’s pregnancy was among the most anticipated of the late 2000s. She was expecting, and she wanted people to know how thrilled she was about showing off her growing bump. The clothes she wore featured humorous sayings such as this with an arrow pointed at her belly.

Britney Spears

The pop star certainly had a distinct style throughout her pregnancy. Her style could be described as being a mixture of comfort and anything she could discover within her wardrobe. Similar to other celebs at this period, Spears also showed off her bump in small crop tops and skirts with low-rises.

When Pink announced that she was expecting with her second child, she sought the assistance of her daughter Willow to assist her in revealing this news to followers. The pop icon looked gorgeous in her white flowing dress, with her daughter at her at her side.


Pink was born one month after her announcement and was thrilled to welcome a new addition to her family. Her new mother kept things relatively secret throughout her pregnancy however, the media speculated about the growing baby bump.

In January of 2020, Grimes announced her pregnancy via a captionless post on Instagram. The pop star as well as Elon Musk gave birth to their child in May. The internet was abuzz with the baby’s name. The baby was given the name X AE A-12. However, they refer to him as Ash.


Grimes was already somewhat of a stranger before she became pregnant. And the pregnancy was kept private for the majority of. But she did talk about her unusual diet during pregnancy, which included bread that was soaked in butter melted, and meals from her favorite restaurant.

When Beyoncé posted her maternity photos for her second child she was close to breaking the internet due to the fact that people could not believe how incredible and extravagant this photoshoot was. The singer revealed that she as well as Jay Z were expecting twins and the fans were awestruck.


The photo was the most popular to date on Instagram in 2017 with over 11 million followers. Thanks to the veil as well as flower backdrop, this photo was made famous, and lots of people made it again to have fun or even to shoot their own maternity photos.

Following the divorce of Channing Tatum in the summer of 2008, Jenna Dewan began dating Steve Kazee. The couple announced that they were expecting a baby with this adorable image of Dewan with her baby bump. Dewan shared a string of photos in January, and gave birth to her baby boy in March.

Jenna Dewan

The actress and dancer has always been very transparent about her pregnancy, and was delighted to welcome a new baby to the world. The actress looked gorgeous in her white lace robe which was a perfect cover-up while showing off her expanding belly.

When Meghan Markle’s very first pregnancy, she drew inspiration from Kate Middleton’s outfits for maternity along with Princess Diana. She wore a variety of elegant dresses that highlighted her expanding bumb and she adored her maternity pants.

Meghan Markle

As she’s not taking part in an Royal tour in her second pregnancies, she’s taking pleasure in wearing flowing dresses with more comfy options. For her well-known Oprah interview with Oprah, she went to wear a wrap dress which embraced over her belly, but she was still comfortably.

Eva Longoria was positively glowing in her maternity shoot alongside Iris Covet Book. When they were expecting their first kid, she was posing in a sheer dress that was stunning while she swam in the water.

Eva Longoria

She wore lots of empire waist dresses through her pregnancy, to display her growing bump , but not hug her too tightly. She still wore some glamorous outfits up to the end of her pregnancy. She couldn’t have looked more radiant and gorgeous.

When Jennifer Lopez was pregnant with twins in 2008 she was still rocking glamorous red carpet looks such as this dress that hugs the bump. The pop star also opted for elegant vintage styles such as shift dresses. She also was able to wear her usual stilettos all through her pregnancy.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez said that when she discovered she was expecting twins, she laughed in hysterics as she couldn’t believe she was expecting twins. She didn’t know what motherhood was as it was until she experienced it for herself.

When Khloe Kardashian was engaged with Lamar Odom, she expressed her desire to have children. Her sisters were pregnant and was wishing to become a mother so strongly. After a few fertility issues The reality star was pregnant with Tristan Thompson.

Khloe Kardashian

Through during her pregnancy Khloe dressed in many glamorous looks. She even launched the maternity jeans and clothing line under her label, Good American. For her shoot with her pregnant baby she chose to wear lacy lingerie and showcased her expanding baby bump.

The pregnancy of Kylie Jenner was off until she revealed her baby girl, Stormi who was born in the month of February 2018. Through the course of her pregnancies, Jenner was adamant about not leaving her house and wore loose clothes to hide her expanding belly when she needed to.

Kylie Jenner

Jenner decided to conceal her pregnancy quiet as she didn’t want face the media, gossip, and fake news reports. Jenner has shared several of her photos of her baby bump to her Instagram followers, and has kept it casual with regards to her style during pregnancy.

As Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid also decided to keep the majority of her pregnancy private until she was close to the date of her birth, as she was seeking privacy and didn’t want having to worry about all the gossip and speculations in the media. When she finally made her announcement of pregnancy, the internet were awestruck.

Gigi Hadid

Hadid posted a number of photos from her maternity shoot including this one in a sexy mini dress which hugged her in every right place. Because she was expecting during the lockdown, it’s easy to imagine that she spent the majority of the days in sweats and comfortable clothes.

Meryl Streep is among the top famous performers of our time. She has been awarded more awards than the majority of us could count and did all of it while having four children. While pregnant, Streep kept her life in the privacy of her home and did not talk much about having kids.

Meryl Streep

When she was pregnant with her first daughter, she was in her 40s. people were unsure if she had used IVF and other methods, but she did not discuss her experience. But, she looked gorgeous with her bump hidden in this gown during the Oscars.

As she was expecting the son of her Ryder, Kate Hudson decided to test the crop trendy maternity look for red carpet appearances. Hudson was never scared to flaunt her figure during her pregnancy as she was not concerned about about what people thought of her.

Kate Hudson

Following the time that Rachel Green wore a crop top in Friends during her pregnancy and it was the most talked about pregnant trend and each woman was trying it. Hudson was among the first women to wear this style at the Red Carpet and she certainly did not disappoint.

As Kate Hudson, Denise Richards would like to put her baby bump to the fullest by wearing this maternity crop top style she wore to the red carpet of 2004. The sparkling crop top and bottoms that matched made her look like she was glowing more.

Denise Richards

In the course of the course of her pregnancies, Richards enjoyed being able to flaunt her growing belly, and rocked the look until her 3rd trimester. It was the time women began to accept the changes that their bodies were experiencing and showed the world how gorgeous the pregnancy experience is.

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