Funny Pictures of People Who Learned The Hard Way

Funny Pictures of People

Whoever is unable to take advantage of the experiences and expertise of others are guaranteed to make some really stupid and, sometimes, dangerous mistakes.

Funny Pictures

DIY face mask gone wrong

Face masks made from DIY have been the rage over the past few years particularly among those who believe in living a natural, organic life. What’s more natural than using the ingredients you already have in your pantry at home to improve your skin?

face mask

It appears that just because something is organic and delicious isn’t necessarily a guarantee that it’s safe for your skin. Unfortunately, the girl didn’t conduct her homework prior to her the time, and made an turmeric mask for her face, and now she looks like Bart Simpson. Yikes.

We hope he was forgiven!

We can smell a major dispute coming his way! Who could be more liable than his spouse? The fact that cutting boards as well as heat can’t have a lot in common. The stove isn’t affordable…

was forgiven

The person in question should have some other plan than “sorry honey”. We suggest a gift card and an offer to purchase an excellent takeaway at night. (And obviously the cook must purchase an upgrade to the stove in the event that she decides to buy one).

Nice fake ID, guy

It’s a fact of everyday life that people will have fake IDs. When taken in isolation this can appear to be something that could be considered a serious crime however, police tend to allow it to go unnoticed when it’s teenagers trying to appear like adults. If it’s adults who are trying to present themselves as someone they’re not but there could be some issues.

fake ID

We’re certain that these officers considered this fake ID case very seriously, but they were able to not help but smile at how the situation was so badly handled. Did this person have any IDs before? The majority of IDs only show only one person.

Spelling Bee Champion

Do you notice that specific word you will always do not spell correctly, regardless of how numerous times you record it? Even after you’ve practiced it several times, you get it written incorrectly in a different manner? It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it?

Spelling Bee Champion

While this may be a normal issue to many, for some people spelling is best left to experts, as this individual who believed that Atlanta spelling backwards was Atlanta. But , you have to give them around an A- grade for effort, since at the very least the initial two letters spelling backwards are correct.

Um, excuse me?

It appears that it’s Karen’s sister Becky is visiting town. You would imagine that a roped-off space in front of a store would indicate to the majority of people that it’s closed. For Karen and her friends every register is an opportunity to get discounts or managers as well as viral social media posts.

excuse me

What’s being spoken by Becky and what’s going through the employee’s head is anybody’s guess. But, the boss is probably aware that this image is more than likely to be a thumbnail from a best outrage video very soon.

Wrong address, right idea

In this day and time, finding the correct address is much easier than ever. Thanks to modern technology, it’s difficult to get lost. However, it happens every now and then especially if you’ve not been to this specific place. For the two guys it was a bit of a mishap when they turned up at an address that was not the correct one for the purpose of make the delivery.

Wrong address

However, despite their excellent article, two important concerns are raised. First, why can’t they first verify the location? Second Why would anyone let the six-thousand bricks to be handed out without a word?

Oblivious is his middle name

At one time or another looked at something which was there throughout the entire time. Although this could be explained as a result of frantic nervousness or confirmation bias for familiar surroundings, this man elevates it to a new level.

middle name

Usually , when you look for something, you might have put it in a location where you would not typically leave it in or perhaps it was in a rush and put it in a different pocket. However, this man shook up all the others by searching for his phone while holding his phone in his hands!

What kind of lesson here? History? Science? Or both?

Certain people have a pretty poor understanding of the truth , or simply ignore information that doesn’t match their own narrative. For this particular person, their first mistake was to believe they were Americans were the first to develop electricity.

kind of lesson

It’s not just sufficient, they were made even more vulnerable by believing that Tesla is merely an auto brand, not an individual. Who do they believe Tesla was named for? Absolutely not a dog, dish plant, politician or dog!

Mixed signals

Out of all the weird and bizarre situations people are faced with here, this seems to be among the more easily understood one. The location appears that there are two directions for the self-serve section in the baking section.

Mixed signals

Although common sense dictates that you shouldn’t be able to reach the handle on that line, that doesn’t stop the person from expressing his displeasure over an awkwardly-placed sign. This is a valid point however it raises the question of why he read these directions in the first place since who knows what the directions are?

You did what exactly?

Overheating in computers is a frequent issue that numerous people encounter because their computer is old or cannot cope with the load of software it’s trying to be running at the same time. The purchase of a larger and more powerful computer isn’t an option for many as new computers can run thousands of dollars.

did what exactly

Thus, updating or upgrading their current model is the best option. But at this point, it appears like this person would’ve preferred to purchase the new one as the “repair guy” actually caused more damage than previously.

She’s one of “those people”

Since the outbreak of coronavirus began this year, it’s been pretty difficult to read and comprehend people through all of the masks on their faces and social distancing strategies. However, instead of requesting employees to talk up the woman is doing something completely unanticipated.

those people

She somehow tucks her entire body beneath the protective plastic to give a clearer view of the cashier. Although we’d be applauding her for her effort, it’s probably not the most smart thing to do given the circumstances we live in.

An accident waiting to happen

People who believe in the supernaturality of ladders might be on to something. The risk of falling off ladders is extremely high and people employ ladders to do anything from changing lightbulbs to more complicated home renovation projects. Also, walking on ladders or sitting on ladders, or carrying ladders – any task that requires the use of a ladder must be undertaken with extreme caution.

accident waiting

The guy, however does not have time for the nonsense of a ladder that is superstitious. Also, he didn’t seem to have time to find a buddy to hold the ladder as he was on the ground, risking his life.

Misinformation at its best

There is certain that this new coronavirus is the cause of a lot of conspiracy theories that seem to be based on a few crackpot theories and a complete ignorance of scientists.


Although concerns over how it is spreads, the rate of reinfection as well as its origin remain valid points of uncertainty in the field However, there are some theories concerning this disease that are somewhat out of reach. In the end, the idea that the disease is attracted by light is absurd. It’s a virus not moth.

Lost in translation

The recording of the aftermath of a car accident an intelligent and sensible step to take. Making sure you take pictures from every angle will help you determine the severity of the injury and guard against the accusations on the other hand. In this instance the lady didn’t understand the message.

Lost in translation

If she was asked to send photos She definitely did however, not the proper kind. Perhaps we should be able to give her some benefit of doubt and have a very cute guy or gal who was her agent. Since love is a constant source of joy, it is found in the most unlikely places!

At least he had sweet intentions

This is a genuine error, if we’ve ever seen one. The boyfriend of the poster went to Florida for a spring break to Florida and was kind enough to send his girlfriend home with a jar of seashells. It was a beautiful and original present.

sweet intentions

We can’t fault the lady for having no guts to tell her husband that Florida beaches can be dirty. A few of beach-goers’ scattered pistachio shells got into the water…

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