Funny Photos Taken Just Seconds Before Disaster Strikes

Photographing is an art and it takes years of experience to be an experienced photographer. However, many professional photographers haven’t been fortunate enough to snap a shot during heart-stopping times. Here’s a list of those who managed to snap a photo just at the right moment, just seconds before an accident. So, relax and enjoy these funny, quick-shot photos.

If you along with your buddies attempt to take an image of the group and you reach closer than the dock’s edge. There was always a chance for something disastrous to occur.

Landing On Water

He appears to be standing up, which is why it’s not like it’s solid.

“My Glasses, I Can’t See Without My Glasses”

There’s one thing you should never do when climbing rock and that is wearing glasses that be taken over your head. He will struggle to climb when he isn’t able to discern what he’s doing.

Without My Glasses

What should he do if you reach the top and requires glasses to descend? This is likely to be a challenging descent.

A Spill That Was Waiting To Happen

If you go to a gathering and nobody spilled their drink, did the event even take place? This is the rule of thumb for events all over the globe. They’re having fun and so they elevated the level of entertainment by spilling their drinks.

Waiting To Happen

While the girl will be thrilled to know that they captured a stunning photo to cherish for many the years to come, her dress was set to be extremely wet.

As the child climbed on his bike, we’re sure that he was not thinking of doing this stunt.

No More Showing

At the time of the moment that was decisive that he was unaware of the reason behind what was happening. And after that, everything went wrong.

As the child climbed on his bike, we’re sure that he was not thinking of doing this stunt.

Fire Hydrant

At the time of the moment that was decisive that he was unaware of the reason behind what was happening. And after that, everything went wrong.

This woman is an avid flyer or perhaps she drinks lots of Red Bull and believes in their motto “Red Bull is the drink that gives Wings.” If this is true this could be a good explanation for a number of things.

Ride Bicycle

If you or your companions don’t prefer to wear the helmet when riding on a bicycle It’s the right time to take a look at this picture.

In the first place, we are requesting this individual to be awarded the title that is known as “bravest heart on the earth.” Why is that? The answer is that most people are scared to death whenever they notice trouble in their direction.

Please Wave

There are many videos online of people in panic due to a gentle wave that tried to splash their feet with water. However, we can’t affirm the same thing to the girl. She stood tall enough to confront her fears and to tell the waves that she’s not scared of it.

If you attend the game of baseball it is important to ensure you face the ball so that you do not get hit on the head by an object.

Heads Up

She’s about to experience extreme discomfort, however she spotted the moment on camera and she’s able to take a look back and smile.

The parents who went on a trip to the ocean with their children to relax, they weren’t expecting it to end up like this. They were in good spirits when they began to swing their children around , as they considered, “What could go wrong?”

More Family Fun

The incident did not go as planned as you will see shock the faces of those who witnessed it. We hope everyone is safe.

The photo is hilarious but we feel it’s our social duty to condemn the actions of children.

Told You Jimmy

In the end, they cannot ride an ATV in this reckless manner , and the look that their mom’s face displays is telling the tale. In reality the expressions on every faces in this photo tell the whole story.

If you get into trouble with the duck and you become “ducked” quite quickly. The young lady believed that ducks were quite tranquil and innocent creatures, however she was mistaken.


She didn’t realize the severity of the duck sitting next to her. While she’s about to take a harmless selfie she is unaware that this will be her last selfie taken with ducks. Of course, she’ll take many more selfies in the near future but not with a duck.

It is understandable that getting up early in the morning can be difficult and many of us prefer to lie in bed for an additional half-hour before the alarm begins to sound. However, there are some who do not get up when the alarm has woken everyone else in the home.

Wake-Up Call

It appears that one of the group was fed up with the man’s habit of not getting up on time and they determined to come up with a solution. We can assure you that it’s one of the most unpleasant feelings to wake up in this manner and we’re feeling terrible for this person.

If you are among the who avoid activities that involve balls, you should be proud of the choice you made.

Oh, Crap

This woman was well aware of the dangers she was exposed to when she first decided in volleyball. As you observe the ball sailed straight for her face , and we hope that it didn’t cause a bruising.

Since plastic is the cause of many of the world’s problems with population as well as other environmental issues, many responsible people like her reuse shopping bags to minimize the amount of waste. What a great idea they are, don’t you think?

Buy Groceries Again

What they do is fantastic, but carrying the same bag for too long can cause wear and tear, and this is exactly what happens. Her expression on her face suggests it appears that glasses are inside the bag that she is shopping in.

We have a few things to ask. What is the reason for a goat inside the house of this individual? What is the reason for bringing a goat into the home and then create a situation that makes it furious? What is the reason for owning a goat at all? There are many questions, yet we can’t locate the answers.

Strike of The Goat

Goats can be very violent, which is why the woman’s face seems genuine. We’re just hoping that the goat didn’t do excessive damage…to its head.

This picture has pure gold. It is a sight that has many eyes focused on the direction of the ball, as most of them were able to see it heading towards the face of the lady who was injured.


Some people were surprised Many were in shock, while others were scared and some were just curious. We are aware that it’s not acceptable to be laughing about it, but we’ve confirmed that we’re not great people.

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