Bizarre Wedding Dresses That Guests Still Can’t Forget

Bizarre Wedding Dresses

Finding the most perfect wedding dress isn’t an easy feat, and it’s such an individual choice that we would never be able to judge a bride based on it however, these aren’t typical situations. Aside from the bizarre color scheme (think orange! black! foil!) to questionable materials (balloons! shredded paper! Cutlery that is disposable!) in a loose interpretation of what constitutes a dress they were definitely willing to stand out although not necessarily a great one.

Even if you’ve not watched the reality series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo you’re likely to be familiar with the characters, specifically Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and her mother June “Mama June” Shannon and are aware that they’ve got an sort of, unique sense of fashion. Take a look at the outfits Mama June and Sugar Bear were wearing to the wedding they had in 2013. The outfits are camouflage and neon orange. That’s the kind of color combination we’ve not seen before in the wedding.

Wedding Ensemble

Honey Boo Boo was also a part of the event, of course and her dress for the flower girl was also distinctive for the genre neon orange paired with neon pink and topped off with lots of beads.

Some brides will take on any challenge in order to ensure that their day is a memorable moment, and if we went to an event and saw the bride in that “dress,” we surely will never forget the day. We’ll forever be able to remember the first time we attended the wedding and did not have any cake for the wedding. Really, what do people think? The poor lady’s arms are covered with frosting.

Skip the Cake

Wedding cakes are something we usually adore however, at this event it is likely that we will stay with chocolates and cake-pops. Petit fours, cake pops, fruit tarts, cupcakes, truffles and covered in chocolate… What did we talk about?

It is often said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” however, If we followed this rule, this piece could be nothing more than a long sequence of pictures which isn’t what we’re being paid for. Where can we begin? This dress is a reminder of “Pretty in Pink,” “Little Bo-Peep,” and “My Fair Lady,” all in one and not in a positive way.

Pretty in Pink

When one borrows from diverse sources, they typically seek out the best from each source, however the designer of this particular dress did not quite achieve their goal.

Fashion designers are always trying out with new fabrics that are exciting. Through their continuous testing that we come across materials that last longer easy to use, and more beneficial for the planet. So we applaud their innovation and the constantly searching for the next trend. But their experiments don’t always result in the best concepts. Wedding dresses made out of what appears to be newspaper remnants?

old newspapers

We don’t know much about fashion however, we can see that this isn’t an appropriate material for an elegant dress. However, we must admit that the shape is amazing.

When they see a gorgeous bride getting set for her wedding typically, they make a statement such as “she looks like an angel,” or “she looks like a princess.” When we take a look at this bride, it is easy to imagine the bride saying “she looks like the sun,” not just because she provides us with warmth and is necessary for our existence in the earth but due to the fact that the direct gaze of her could cause severe eye damage or even blindness.

Don't Look Directly

There’s so much happening in this scene, and we’re not sure what to write about first. It’s the dress, it’s massive necklace, the huge headpiece… We aren’t sure what it is it’s something like a bouquet or is it the largest brooch in the world?

A few of the wedding dresses that are on this list contain very little fabric, and certain dresses have too many. Take this design for example. It dress is among the wedding gowns presented by the fashion label Viktor & Rolf at the Spring 2011 Paris Fashion Week, and it’s the exact description of “too much.” This dress measures as broad as the catwalk for screaming out loud. We’re wondering how they could have gotten the model to wear the thing.

too Much

She appears very uneasy, and she’s not able to be able to move her arms. This is a direct reference to how cartoon characters appear after being struck by something massive and heavy and being squashed to a flat surface.

It is normal for brides from noble lineage to sport traditional wedding dresses However, Lady Mary Charteris, from the Scottish noble Charteris family, doesn’t take into consideration what people think from her. When she got married in 2012 she did not go to Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta or any of the other established designers who are adored by the elite The dress she chose was Pam Hogg, who’s known for dressing Lady Gaga on numerous occasions and that’s saying something.

Fashion-Forward Lady

We’re completely puzzled by the cutout satin panels the sheer panel that shows her skin, as well as the layers of tulle that aren’t quite as even as a skirt. And is that necklace on her underneath the dress?

Many brides dreamed of their wedding day as they were young girls, dreaming about what it would be like to tie the knot with to the person they love most in their lives with a gorgeous ceremony with a perfect dress, and with all eyes on them. Some brides want this attention, and will not let anyone else take their thunder. Even if it means wearing an outfit similar to this one that we’ll suppose weighs about a dozen pounds.

Center of Attention

It’s amazing work it’s true, however it’s more like something someone would wear to an Mardi Gras parade, not to the wedding.

A Dress so Big, It Enforces Social Distancing

When English media star Katie Price got married in 2005, she struck an arrangement with a magazine that provided coverage of the wedding and basically took care of the entire event. The couple went all out and paid approximately one million pounds – which is more than one million dollars – to have the wedding she had always wanted. She looks very happy, however, the majority of people who see the photo right now will be shocked by how far away the bride and groom are separated from one another.

Enforces Social Distancing

What happens when you put on an extravagant dress that your husband is unable to be closer to you. It’s like it is the year 2020, and people are doing social distancing.

We understand that those who’ve been dreaming of their dream wedding all their life would like to be able to influence the planning process, which includes the design of the gowns they’ll wear on their wedding day but we feel that they ought to let the professionals do it. The woman who is the subject of this article claims that her “personally designed” this dress and then it was created “by one of New York’s upcoming designers” and she’s not even the most fashionable brides ever.

Questionable Wedding Dress

Following the wedding, she posted the dress on eBay for $215,000 and was pulled by people who said she was “deluded” saying they couldn’t believe what she wanted for it. “I don’t think the word hideous actually fully portrays my feelings,” one individual told me.

You might have noticed that the majority of the pictures included in this compilation weren’t taken in a church setting We think this is logical. If people are married in a ceremony of religious significance it is common for them to adhere to more traditional dress which is why this list isn’t an assortment of traditional wedding attire. We were in complete confusion by this photo, since it appears to be a formal religious ceremony, but yet the bride’s attire is… this dress she’s wearing.

Little Inappropriate

We’re not certain what the significance of this is, so perhaps we’re a bit out of line here , and this is what women are supposed to wear to get married, but it’s somewhat inappropriate, isn’t it?

According to the source of this photo is that the lady is a prestigious breeder of sheep who is so passionate about her animals when she got married she wanted to incorporate them in the wedding ceremony in some way. She created her own wedding dress, and, surprise that the dress was made using wool. It wasn’t just any wool, but the wool she grew up with animal, Olivia She’s Lincoln Longwool, a breed specially bred to create thick, long, and beautiful wool.

About to Promise

The long white strands of wool that are adorning the dress may be unusual for wedding dresses However, it’s not the most odd dress on the list. We laughed at the image it appears that the bride is getting married to the sheep.

Certain brides prefer to appear stylish and trendy, whereas others prefer the established winners, and look at the most stunning dresses of the past years to find something they can wear in the present. When brides search for classic silhouettes typically, they choose something from the 1950s and 1960s, which are reference points in the bridal fashion. The bride evidently was influenced by the 80s. The 1880s, which is.


We’re not sure what’s happening on the front of the gown however it’s not the kind of dress that people have worn over the past 100 years. If she was looking for an old-fashioned look and got it, she’s definitely vintage.

This dress didn’t look too terrible when we first saw it. It’s white. It’s long. It covers sufficient of her figure so that people won’t be embarrassed when they see her in the church. However, we began to notice the little details. What’s the deal regarding the wings as well as feathers? We wouldn’t object to them if it was an outfit of some kind. It could be a cosplay or an outfit she’s wearing for Halloween.

Wedding Dress Definitely Ruffled

It seems like an unusual option for a wedding, but What about that white boot? In any case, she seems happy with her outfit and at the end, it’s only her happiness that matters.

The dress is among those are believed to have been made by a posh French house, and it is a symbol of this or that, and it represented a change in how fashion was seen and, as a result, it has become a symbol of fashion and is adored by critics and others But the truth is that it is the dress for a wedding. Would you put it on? We don’t. This dress is expensive and we wouldn’t buy even if we had the money to buy it.

Expensive Dress

We like the design and are sure that the workmanship is top-quality However, it’s uncomfortably. Do the flower buds cover the entire back? Imagine sitting on them while toasting.

Are you sure this is the dress Poison Ivy from DC Comics would wear to her wedding ceremony in the event that she decided to forgo her regular green outfits in favor of a classic white dress? We’re all familiar with Uma Thurman looking stunning in green as she played her character from the film Batman & Robin, so we’re not certain if this is the best option she could make, however it’s good to be able to choose, right?

Dress Inspired by Ivy

This dress doesn’t really look very bad, especially when compared with other options that are on this list. We’d prefer to ditch the ivy flower bouquet however, something tells us that a bride who wears an ivy-inspired dress will not want to give up the bouquet of ivy.

Every aspect of this image screams “Expensive!” to us. Check out the details of the ceiling. There’s some old currency in there. We immediately know that we aren’t part of a group and that’s why we’re not in this picture. However, let’s look at that wedding dress will we? It seems like it’s part of a collection or something similar We’re certain the dress is exquisitely designed however, we’re not sure by the design.

Blushing Bride

There’s something about it that suggests “flower girl” more than “blushing bride,” and we’re thinking that it might be more appropriate if it was in sizes suitable for children.

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