This Is Your Biggest Relationship Flaw According To Astrology

Biggest Relationship Flaw

Flaws don’t make you not worthy of an affair – it just is what makes you human. Knowing your flaws will provide you an advantage in creating a lasting relationship.

We’re all imperfect even you. Everybody has faults, however, that doesn’t mean it has to be a problem. In fact, being aware of your weaknesses as well as being cognizant of the times and what triggers they can be triggered is an amazing gift to you as well as the relationships you have with. They could provide you valuable lessons about your character and how you perform in your interactions with other people. It’s useful to have more understanding of your own natural reactions so that you can control them whenever you need to. The fact that you have flaws doesn’t make you ineligible for an intimate relationship. It can make you human. Knowing your weaknesses can help give you an advantage in confronting these issues head-on and doing better in your relationship and astrology can assist you in this regard. Astrology is an excellent tool for to take a deeper examination of the person we are and what drives us.


“As the first zodiac sign, Aries is always looking at the top of the list. This could make them somewhat uncaring in relationships. They could be overly assertive or driven by their own interests which leaves little room in their relationship for the other person’s.”

How to use it: Aries can work by utilizing the strengths of their sign, such as their devotion and love for one another. Also, keeping in mind their partner’s requirements and taking the time to take time to get to know their needs can create harmony in the Aries relationship.


“Tauruses are well-known for their brash attitude. They are a bit uncompromising in relationships and hold in their stead at all times. Once they decide to something, it’s hard to Taurus to think outside the box.”

How to implement it: Taurus can lean on their grounded, positive mentality to contemplate the safety of others when they are in a stressful situation. “Keeping an open-minded mind as well as knowing the perspective of someone else will aid Taurus achieve peace in their relationships,” says DeGennaro.


“Geminis are well-known for being multi-passionate intellectuals. Their shape-shifting personality makes them easily bored and always looking to expand their minds and discover new things. This may give Geminis their eyes wandering.”

How to use it: Instead of fixating on a new shiny partner you can create a different relationship with your current partner. Better yet, suggests DeGennaro Make it an all-out game of role-play so that it’s like you are with someone new… or even for the evening.


“It’s difficult to imagine that the most loving sign of the zodiac to have a problem with relationships however, as emotionally calming as Cancers may be, they can also be sometimes a little temperamental,” says DeGennaro. “If Cancer feels uncomfortable, they tend to lose their ability to ensure that others feel secure as well. The emotional rollercoaster they ride can be a challenge for their partners.”

How to implement it: Once you take the responsibility for the impact your personality has on others and adopt an attitude of leadership, your naturally caring nature will begin to shine more brightly.


“Leos are bold and proud in their relationship life. They are usually not afraid of exaggerating their partners and screaming about their achievements. However, Leos may be distracted by their own egos or are unable to recognize their own shortcomings in relationships. They are often so focused on other people’s perception of themselves that they are unable to see their true nature.”

How to use it: The saving grace for the lion, according to DeGennaro is the capacity to embrace their wide heart and “remember the love and affection they must give.”


“While Virgos perfectionistic tendencies help them to excel in various aspects of their lives and in many other areas, their focus on detail can be a great asset to it in their relationship. Being harsh and critical can be a tempting way to get caught in the Virgin sign especially in the event that they desire things to be done in their own the way.'”

How to use it: It’s important for Virgos to keep in mind that they were born with an aegis of service according to DeGennaro. “Focusing on ways they can aid other people without giving them a specific list of things to do will create an underlying shift for those who are too analytical.”


“Relationships are natural to Libra and Librans, which makes them friendships and lovers who are diplomatic. They are often thinking about the demands of their friends. However, putting too much focus on their own needs can lead to apathy or codependency particularly since they are known to be undecisive.”

How to get it to work: The key to finding equilibrium within relationships with Libras is to ensure that they’re paying attention to their own needs just as (or more) than their partner’s.


“Scorpios represent the strongest in the zodiac. They are definitely not shy to be there. This can lead to heated discussions or heated debates in the event that Scorpio is in the mood to assert their position,” says DeGennaro. “They really don’t hesitate to expose their own weaknesses and expose others and not necessarily the cozy and warm impressions that many seek in a partnership.”

How to get it to work: But, as DeGennaro has pointed out that Scorpio’s dark side is their most powerful attribute. “If they can channel their intenseness between their bed, Scorpio might be able to stay out of the drama that happens outside in the room.”


“The archer’s sign is known for its desire for freedom and growth and often makes Sagittarius feel restricted by their commitment. They’re also the most impulsive zodiac sign and always open to new adventures. This doesn’t make them ideal for relationships lasting a long time.”

How do you get it to work: What works best is, according to DeGennaro is when Sag is able to find an associate who is willing to venture into new territories together, they can stay interested and more engaged “They must be willing to be the leader.”


“Capricorn is often called the patron of the zodiac and gives the sign an authoritative reliable, responsible personality. They are known as serious and cold and could make them unattractive to prospective partners.”

How to get it to work: Being parental-like also implies that Caps are extremely protective and constantly keeping an eye on their beloved children. “If they can learn to relax a little and become more present, they can create a comfortable space for their partner,” says DeGennaro.


“The Water Bearer is often disengaged and distant walking according to their drum. If they’re in a relationship, they might feel the need to be absent and gain time out more frequently than many people are comfortable with.”

How can this work When Aquarius can express their requirements and set boundaries that inform their partner that they require time to themselves, they can avoid a number of dramas and making up games. “They will be at ease in relationships that allow them the freedom to feel comfortable in their own way, and also giving them a sense of belonging and understanding” DeGennaro says. DeGennaro.


“Sweet lovely Pisces… These gentle creatures are extremely aware of other peoples energy that they tend to adopt it for themselves. Empathy and compassion are Pisces powerful traits, but being too emotional can make them into a huge mass of other people’s emotions.”

How to use it: According to DeGennaro having time to rest and return to their emotional foundation can aid in helping Pisces be present to loved ones who have stronger boundaries of energy. “It’s crucial for Pisces to find partners who can provide the space they need to process emotions in the same way they are able to for other people,” she says.

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