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    Keeping Up With Some Questionable Fashion Choices From The Kardashians

    Kardashian and fashion are almost a are in a similar fashion We don’t believe it’s an accident. The universe knows exactly what is going on! Although the family is famous for their stylish styles, they do commit serious mistakes at the extremes. The following are the worst clothes the clan has ever wore in public. What were they thinking […] More

  • Extravagant Celebrity Weddings

    Life of the Rich and Famous The Most Extravagant Celebrity Weddings

    If you’re famous and rich it’s not a problem to spend money for the day of your wedding. For famous people, this could mean weddings at destinations and having your “I dos” at castles with thousands of wedding gowns and flowers and flying around in entertainment. The celebration everyone is talking about for years is accompanied […] More

  • Funny Pictures of People

    Funny Pictures of People Who Learned The Hard Way

    Whoever is unable to take advantage of the experiences and expertise of others are guaranteed to make some really stupid and, sometimes, dangerous mistakes. DIY face mask gone wrong Face masks made from DIY have been the rage over the past few years particularly among those who believe in living a natural, organic life. What’s more […] More

  • World's Strongest People

    The World’s Strongest People Are Both Frightening and Inspiring

    We all wish that we could keep up with our fitness routines however, life gets out of the way. There are some who don’t However, there are some who don’t. For fitness models and bodybuilders there’s nothing such as a bad day, even the most renowned models in the industry seem to have a look that is […] More

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    Funny Photos Taken Just Seconds Before Disaster Strikes

    Photographing is an art and it takes years of experience to be an experienced photographer. However, many professional photographers haven’t been fortunate enough to snap a shot during heart-stopping times. Here’s a list of those who managed to snap a photo just at the right moment, just seconds before an accident. So, relax and enjoy these funny, quick-shot […] More

  • Breakups Aren't Failures

    Why Breakups Aren’t Failures — And Should Be Celebrated

    It’s 2022, and we’re going to put aside this sad Brigette Jones fad of eating ice-cream under the cover of a duvet while lip-syncing to heartbreak tunes in the event of a breakup. Are breakups painful? Yes. But do they determine your self-worth or even describe you as an individual? No. A lot of women judge their worth based […] More

  • Biggest Relationship Flaw

    This Is Your Biggest Relationship Flaw According To Astrology

    Flaws don’t make you not worthy of an affair – it just is what makes you human. Knowing your flaws will provide you an advantage in creating a lasting relationship. We’re all imperfect even you. Everybody has faults, however, that doesn’t mean it has to be a problem. In fact, being aware of your weaknesses as well as […] More

  • Celebrities Who Dated a Fan

    14 Celebrities Who Dated a Fan

    Evidently, a chance to meet your celebrity crush might be as unlikely as you believe. It could be the result of a chance encounter in a café as well as the outcome of lengthy, diligent cyber stalking, couples have turned the unlikely concept into a reality. For example, from Kimye and Zac Efron’s romance and Australian waitress and model […] More

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    Iconic Celebrity Maternity Styles We Can’t Stop Thinking About

    Celebrities have allowed people in on their private life, with a number of them revealing about their most harrowing moments, for example, their pregnancy blunders. There have been many stunningly iconic photoshoots of maternity photos over time, from revealing baby bumps to the front cover of Vanity Fair to making headlines with their extravagant photo shoots. They have proven […] More

  • Common Mistakes

    Common Mistakes People Make In Relationships

    Although we’d all wish it were real, relationships aren’t as simple as fairytales. They are more complicated than most people realize, particularly when two of you commit some of the frequent relationships mistakes. The majority of relationship mistakes can be fixed but that’s an excellent thing. As of the time I last looked, there was no guidance for a […] More

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    20 Types Of Relationships Every Woman Should Have At Least Once

    When you first begin dating, whether at the age of 16 or 26, in the time of your relationship you will meet a variety of people and form numerous relationships. Each will be unique in its own unique way each one will have an impact on you and each will teach you something. When the dust settles […] More

  • Rarely Seen Together

    Celebrity Couples Who Are Rarely Seen Together

    In Hollywood there are two types of couples in Hollywood. There are couples like Chrissy Teigen as well as John Legend, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, A-Rod and JLo — the kind who are happy to show their love for one another through social media platforms, on the red carpet and everywhere else they can. And […] More

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